What impact do our choices have? And how long do these consequences last? Weeks? Years? Decades? As we undertake a once-in-a-generation transition towards a more sustainable tomorrow, the electricity grid remains a key piece of the puzzle.

Modernization is driving unprecedented investment in grid infrastructure upgrades, innovative technologies and renewable energy sources. We’re at the forefront, leading the charge to upgrade electricity grids around the world, helping to make them more efficient and resilient.

Building robust power delivery systems 

Our experience in the planning, design and delivery of high-voltage transmission lines, cables and substations is extensive and global.  

We excel in both greenfield and brownfield transmission and distribution projects, including upgrades, expansion and interconnection. And we navigate complex challenges to deliver robust power systems. 

Proven expertise, tailored to you

  • Energy transition advisory
  • Environmental planning and permitting
  • Technology and equipment review
  • Design and engineering
  • Project and construction management
  • Program management

Empowering sustainable energy transitions 

The electricity grid stands as the backbone of the energy transition, playing a critical role in global decarbonization. Through our grid modernization efforts, we help clients and stakeholders work towards a sustainable future alongside lower carbon emissions in the power sector.  

Our strategies reflect local needs, consider new technology adoption and aim for efficient grid modernization. Together, we’re powering a cleaner future. 

Industry-leading expertise

Our services span siting, feasibility assessment, environmental impact assessment and permitting, to community consultation, outage planning, engineering, procurement, program and project management and construction services.  

We’re proficient with high-voltage AC and DC technologies, putting your electricity delivery systems at the cutting edge of modernization.