Is hydrogen the right energy transition option? How can it be safely stored and moved on a global scale? We understand the complexities of new and emerging energy markets – and continue to explore and enable the possibilities hydrogen offers as a versatile energy carrier, clean fuel and chemical feedstock.

Leading the industry by example, we work with our clients to develop regulatory guidance, technical solutions and operating standards for the production, transportation and use of hydrogen, including hydrogen carriers like ammonia and methanol.

Our independent expertise means we recommend and enable the right solution – hydrogen or otherwise – for your unique energy challenges.

Developing a full, accessible hydrogen value chain

As energy market leaders, we supported the world’s first large-scale, hydrogen-blended power stations and have experience enabling hydrogen power solutions for off-grid applications.

We have led the adoption of hydrogen mobility infrastructure and are actively collaborating across hydrogen hubs. We’re at the forefront of what’s possible with hydrogen and ready to guide your next step.

Proven expertise, tailored to you

  • Energy transition advisory
  • Technology and equipment review
  • Permitting and consenting
  • Design and engineering
  • Project and construction management
  • Program management

Leading all stakeholders to clean hydrogen

With everything we do designed around our clients, we’re helping stakeholders harness the potential of hydrogen wherever it can be effective.

We’ve developed net zero feasibility studies, best available technology determinations and environmental impact assessments for hydrogen plants and pipelines globally. We have many years of project experience delivering hydrogen production facilities from electrolytic production to chemical synthesis with associated carbon capture and storage. We’re also driving transportation system decarbonization and the associated hydrogen mobility infrastructure.

Throughout, we support the creation of requirements for this important, emerging market, using our strong public and private sector relationships, and our work with government agencies on hydrogen deployment and subsidy/grant programs.

As leaders in the deployment of complex infrastructure, we develop business cases for hydrogen projects and then implement these projects on behalf of our clients. It’s an integrated approach that encompasses design, consenting, procurement, project management, commissioning and handover skills.

We deliver transformational outcomes, partnering with our clients to meet challenges head-on with knowledge, innovation and genuine partnership. We’re committed to servicing society and protecting the legacies of the projects and programs we manage. And we offer ongoing engagement throughout, from day zero to delivery and beyond.