Navigating the complex world of hydropower infrastructure? Looking for the next step in your energy transition? We know the ins and outs of dam and levee safety, flood risk management systems – and are seasoned in both greenfield developments and rehabilitation of existing facilities.

Our experience spans over 20 countries, where we’ve designed and executed projects involving earth and rockfill, concrete arch, mass concrete and roller-compacted concrete gravity dams. As well as hybrid dams of timber crib, steel facing and concrete walls.

We are your trusted partners here to deliver expertise tailored to your unique hydroelectricity challenges.

Leading the way in hydroelectric infrastructure

We design hydroelectric structures to engineer sustainable futures.

We’ve delivered all types and sizes of hydropower plants, with capacities up to 12,600 MW and heads from 21 to 2,165 feet.

Proven expertise, tailored to you

  • Energy transition advisory
  • Permitting and consenting
  • Technology and equipment review
  • Design and engineering
  • Project and construction management
  • Program management

Driving sustainable hydropower solutions

We see the big picture – from the initial dam to the final power outlet. We provide a full range of risk-analysis services associated with system integrity and consequence assessments, and we also map out transmission lines and the substations needed to deliver power to the consumer.

Our engineers are familiar with Kaplan, Francis and Pelton generating units as well as small hydro generators. Your hydropower project couldn’t be in safer hands.

With every project, we aim to drive sustainable, future-proof solutions tailored to you. It’s about delivering the best outcome today, while creating a renewable energy legacy for tomorrow.